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  • I'm a washerwoman. Doesn't stop the words, though.

    For the record, I spent today vacuuming, tidying toys, washing clothes, hanging clothes, drying clothes, mopping floors, putting clothes away and entertaining a three year old in the middle of it all. Basically, by midday today, I looked astonishingly like this, only with less hair. That didn’t stop plenty of my delightfully hand-crafted words from […]

  • Storage, GPS, notebooks and near arrests.

    So far, the highlight of my day has been nearly (but not quite) getting arrested at North Sydney station. Apparently I look a bit dodgy, and shouldn’t take photographs of things. Who knew? Otherwise, it’s been rainy and wet and busy, much like any other day. While I get on with it, you can amuse […]

  • iPod docks as far as the i can see…

    Another day, another feature review, this time at GadgetGuy.com.au, where I’ve looked over high-end iPod/iPhone docks with an eye to working out if they’re really worth the asking price: Premium iPod Docks: “Inexpensive iPod docks abound, but will moving up the price ladder yield a music system that better serves your playlist? Alex Kidman tests […]

  • Take the time to listen to the collective heartbeat…

    It’s not just the growing of fancy Mo’s that I’ve been busy with this week. Oh no. I’ve been writing and testing and reviewing and writing and testing and reviewing and writing and… You get the idea. At CNET.com.au, there’s these two rather contrasting products: WD My Passport Essential SE 1TB: “Western Digital’s 1TB Passport […]

  • Happiness at the misfortune of others. That is German!

    It’s not all sunshine and roses reviewing stuff. Sometimes, you get products that it’s just plain impossible to really get on with. A minor case of that today at GadgetGuy.com.au: Apple Magic Mouse: “Apple’s Magic Mouse has the advantages of multi-touch and more than just a dab of Apple’s distinctive design style, but it’s also […]

  • Semolina pilchard… climbing up the eiffel tower.

    Why, no, I don’t think that all that Beatles Rock Band playing is having any effect on my listening habits. Why do you ask? Meanwhile, in the world of publishing, more of my work has been published. Hence, y’know, the world. Of Publishing. And all that. First of all, GadgetGuy.com.au has a couple of storage-themed […]

  • Buddy you're a boy, make a big noise…

    I don’t have a child called Buddy, but my kids are certainly making a racket today. While I go and gently educate them round the head with a lump of wood*, amuse yourself with these two reviews live today at GadgetGuy.com.au: Apple iPod Shuffle: “Do new colours denote these as a new generation of iPod […]

  • Peoples of the Universe, please attend carefully…

    “The message that follows is vital to the future of you all. The choice for you all is simple; a continued existence under my guidance — or total annihilation.” Now that’s my kind of ultimatum. Straight, to the point, and with a clear-cut choice as its basis. I somewhat felt like giving my own ultimatums […]

  • A new low in EULAs

    I’m somewhat gobsmacked by this end-user license agreement that just came up. This is 100% unedited, exactly what’s come up on screen. Would you agree to it? I mean, really. That’s just one of the hurdles in the life of a busy product reviewer, but it’s not all bizarre EULAs and pain. Sometimes, I get […]

  • Is there something I should know?

    How did that sneak onto my random playlist? Oh well. I guess I can’t always be predictable. Although (smooooth segue #372!), it is somewhat predictable that I’d be writing about Apple again. Firstly, with my blogging hat on, at PC Authority: Mac Authority: New iPod shuffle headphones, and other annoyances: “The last thing that I […]