I'm a washerwoman. Doesn't stop the words, though.

For the record, I spent today vacuuming, tidying toys, washing clothes, hanging clothes, drying clothes, mopping floors, putting clothes away and entertaining a three year old in the middle of it all. Basically, by midday today, I looked astonishingly like this, only with less hair.
That didn’t stop plenty of my delightfully hand-crafted words from hitting the Web, however. More of the PC Authority Mobile Broadband guide is available online for your reading pleasure. Today’s targets: Optus and Optimisation.
Terrible plan values put a dent in the high speed offerings of Optus wireless broadband: “Optus defies our speed expectations, but plan values are woeful.”
5 ways to boost your broadband speed: “Wireless broadband speeds can often be hit or miss. We take a look five simple steps that should help improve your broadband speeds.”
Then over at GadgetGuy, I’ve cast an eye over this year’s most heavily hyped gadget category: eBook readers.
Top Shelf: An eBook reader round-up: “Electronic books have been around almost as long as electronic text in one form or another, but with the imminent launch of Apple’s iPad, the category is undergoing something of a renaissance.”

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