Storage, GPS, notebooks and near arrests.

So far, the highlight of my day has been nearly (but not quite) getting arrested at North Sydney station. Apparently I look a bit dodgy, and shouldn’t take photographs of things. Who knew?
Otherwise, it’s been rainy and wet and busy, much like any other day. While I get on with it, you can amuse yourself with my latest writing work. First of all, at CNET, a Sony Vaio review with a bonus equine pun:
Sony Vaio VPCS117GG: “Sony’s latest notebook fails to really stand out in performance or battery life terms.”
and then at GadgetGuy, a couple of category roundups for GPS and External Storage. Not so much full reviews; more overviews:
Self Storage: The External Hard Drive Round-Up: “With so much of our lives kept on computers, a computer storage failure can really ruin your day. That’s why keeping backups are so important, and why external hard disks have become so popular.”
The 2010 GPS Round-Up: “Where on Earth are you? We’ll tell you where with GadgetGuy’s round-up of as many GPS devices and iPhone applications that we could get our lost hands on.”

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