Awards, Awesome netbooks, Amazon can't lose and Ancient Windows

Today’s articles are clearly brought to you by the letter “A”.
Firstly, the very pleasant news that I’ve made the finalist nomination group for the 2010 IT Journo Awards, AKA “The Lizzies“, across two categories. I’m potentially up for Best Reviewer (A category I’ve been highly commended for a number of times now, but never won) and Best Columnist, which is a first time nomination for me. In both categories I’m up against some very solid and capable competition, so it’s nice just to make the final cut. I should also point out that in both categories I’m also up against my insanely talented brother. He managed to bag nominations across four other additional categories as well. Hard working chap, my brother. Could be interesting come awards night…
Meanwhile, I’ve been scribing away busily with content I could put up for next year’s awards. Firstly, on the Commentary side, a blog for MacTheMag:
MacTheBlog: Amazon Can’t Lose: “The battle lines, it would seem, are drawn, and there can be only one winner. I suspect the winner will be Amazon.”
Then this week’s Vintage Tech column for PC Authority, with a special hidden guest video appearance by none other than Steve Ballmer. See if you can spot it:
Vintage Tech: Looking back at Windows 1.0: “Windows had to start somewhere. But surprisingly for an operating system this popular, its beginnings were hardly auspicious.”
And then finally, a review proving that while they may share common components, not all Netbooks are created equal after all:
Samsung N210: “It looks like a netbook. It performs like a netbook. But the exceptional battery life makes Samsung’s latest netbook really stand out.”

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