Broadband tests and vintage browsers

First up, today’s Vintage Tech column at PC Authority, which looks at the granddaddy of the modern graphical browser:
Vintage Tech: Looking back at Mosaic: “The DNA of Mosaic runs through pretty much any modern Internet browser. So what did it look like, and why was it so special?”
It might be obvious that I’ve been pretty flat out of late. But it’s nothing in comparison to a month ago, where I was running all over town (and across several states) testing wireless broadband solutions. Testing them at home. Testing them in Queensland hotel rooms in the middle of a monsoon. Testing them by a river in the middle of regional New South Wales. Testing them (to the amazement of the staff) in a coffee shop in the CBD of Sydney. There’s nothing quite like pulling out half a dozen netbooks and firing them all up at once to run tests to draw stares. Well, more stares than I draw normally, anyway.
The end result of all this bandwidth burning and city hopping? A comprehensive guide to mobile broadband performance and mobile broadband deals, in this month’s print edition of PC Authority which should be on sale now. Tell them I sent you, and you’ll get no discount whatsoever, but may get stared at funny, just like I tended to while testing!

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