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Another busy week kicks off here at alexkidman.com. Busier than normal, actually; between events, dentistry and child-minding duties I’ve got less than a full working day to polish off a week’s worth of work. Not even one single day; stray batches of hours here and there. Going to be interesting juggling all of it and still intermittently sleeping.
Today’s offerings start at CNET.com.au, where I’ve cast a critical eye over Uniden’s “wireless” charging solution:
Uniden Wireless Power Starter Kit: “Uniden’s charging solution couldn’t be easier to use, but a full kit is rather costly.”
Then there’s the April edition of Australian PC User magazine, where I’ve written one of the key cover stories on ADSL broadband and VoIP plans. I suffer through all the tables, terms and conditions and comparisons so that you don’t have to. All you have to do is buy the current issue, on sale now.
Aside from the exciting world of broadband tables, you’ll also find my reviews within of the Varta Solar Charger, TomTom Car Kit For iPod Touch, HTC HD2, Navigon 6300 and LG New Chocolate Slide BL42K.

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