Thumbdrives, Lifebooks and Teeth

OK, that’s a little odd for a subject line, even on this blog. But it’s all in context, you see. I’ve been rather busy keeping multiple editors happy with lots of copy. Lots and lots of copy, and there’s still more to come!
First of all for PC Authority, an article on the first commercially available USB Flash Drives:
Vintage Tech: this is what portable storage looked like at the turn of the century: “How many USB Flash drives do you own? Chances are it’s far too many. But back in the year 2000 they stored a ridiculously puny 8MB and required – shudder – drivers on a separate floppy disk.”
Then at, a review of Fujitsu’s nice-but-costly Lifebook:
Fujitsu Lifebook P8110: “Fujitsu’s sturdy and attractive Lifebook has good battery life and should appeal to business types.”
Before finishing up at MacTheMag with a discussion about dentists and intuition:
MacTheBlog: An Inconvenient Tooth: “What did the dentist say to the computer?”

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