Semolina pilchard… climbing up the eiffel tower.

Why, no, I don’t think that all that Beatles Rock Band playing is having any effect on my listening habits. Why do you ask?
Meanwhile, in the world of publishing, more of my work has been published. Hence, y’know, the world. Of Publishing. And all that.
First of all, has a couple of storage-themed reviews:
Western Digital’s MyPassport Elite, MyBook World Edition & MyBook Studio Edition II: All three drives do serve different purposes, but for our money there’s also a fair gap in utility.”
Western Digital WD TV HD Media Player: “Western Digital’s WDTV offers a simple way to view digital multimedia files – music, photos or video – direct to pretty much any TV. It’s not as fully featured or lust-worthy as a DLNA solution, but it does a cracking job of just getting the task done.”
And then at, you’ll find two of my reviews, although not both based around the same vendor:
Acer Extensa 5635Z: “The Extensa is a business laptop with no particular frills. That’s not a bad thing per se, but it’s tough to get too excited about it, either.”
Edimax nLite 3G-6200n 3G Broadband Router: “Out the back the 3G-6200n sports four 10/100 Ethernet ports, inbound WAN and single USB socket that has a rare distinction amongst 3G capable routers to date. Unfortunately for any buyer of the 3G-6200n, it’s a distinction of rank stupidity…”

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