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It’s not just the growing of fancy Mo’s that I’ve been busy with this week. Oh no. I’ve been writing and testing and reviewing and writing and testing and reviewing and writing and…
You get the idea.
At CNET.com.au, there’s these two rather contrasting products:
WD My Passport Essential SE 1TB: “Western Digital’s 1TB Passport drive isn’t pretty or cheap, but its bland look belies the storage and backup goodies within.”
Withings WifiScale: “We can’t fault the technical genius of the Withings WifiScale, but at the same time you do pay a lot of money for a lot of gimmicks in a bathroom scale.”
The Passport’s fair enough, but I suspect the scale’s the strangest thing I’ve reviewed all year. Those who follow my twitter account will know what I mean…
Meanwhile, back in much more familiar territory, GadgetGuy.com.au has this:
Apple MacBook 13 inch: “The updated Macbook brings excellent battery life and otherwise solid performance in a stylish body. It’s not a complete re-imaginging of the Macbook concept, but it does bring the Macbook line more into line with the more expensive Pro models.”
And keeping with the Apple theme, PC Authority has not one, but two guides to iPhone Apps:
Amazing Apps for your iPhone: Fitness apps“It’s not that tough to turn your iPhone into your own personal gym and fitness instructor, however, and get your health and fitness back on track.”
Amazing Apps for your iPhone: Christmas Apps: “It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas on your iPhone. Here’s seven great Christmas-themed apps.”

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