Peoples of the Universe, please attend carefully…

“The message that follows is vital to the future of you all. The choice for you all is simple; a continued existence under my guidance — or total annihilation.”
Now that’s my kind of ultimatum. Straight, to the point, and with a clear-cut choice as its basis.
I somewhat felt like giving my own ultimatums (ultimata?) to a certain well-known (and oft self-scribed) fruit themed computer company this week. I’ve chronicled my adventures in product returns over at MacTheBlog:
MacTheBlog:When new iPhones go bad: “My new iPhone had a rattle, and while I do have kids, they’re beyond the age where rattles might amuse them. It certainly didn’t amuse me…”
There’s even an addendum to the story; my replacement model had a stuck pixel fault out of the box, which initially had me seeing a particularly bright shade of red. Thankfully, a little twiddling around with this stuck pixel fixing page saw it all good. For now, at least.
Sticking with all things Apple, I’ve also reviewed the fifth generation of the iPod Nano in a couple of locales. Firstly, there’s a simple appraisal of its camcorder feature at Australasian Camcorder, and then a full review at
Apple iPod Nano (5th Generation): “Apple’s thrown everything short of the kitchen sink at the fifth generation iPod Nano, with a raft of new features designed to get the iPod crazed public excited. While it’s still a great music player, the new features certainly aren’t enough to warrant an upgrade, and there are better value iPod models in our estimation.”

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