Is there something I should know?

How did that sneak onto my random playlist? Oh well. I guess I can’t always be predictable.

Although (smooooth segue #372!), it is somewhat predictable that I’d be writing about Apple again.

Firstly, with my blogging hat on, at PC Authority:

Mac Authority: New iPod shuffle headphones, and other annoyances: “The last thing that I want to follow up “Welcome To The Jungle” when I’m at the gym is Mozart’s Piano Concerto Number 11. It just doesn’t seem right to me.”

And then, with my reviewing hat on, at

Apple iMac 2009: “Putting it simply, Apple’s put the iMac keyboard into the wash for too long, and it’s shrunk…”

Invariably, even having had my critical analysis hat on for both articles (it’s tough wearing this many hats… maybe that’s why my hair’s wearing out?), I’ll still get accused of being an Apple “fanboy” by somebody. I just have to wait long enough.

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