Happiness at the misfortune of others. That is German!

It’s not all sunshine and roses reviewing stuff. Sometimes, you get products that it’s just plain impossible to really get on with.
A minor case of that today at GadgetGuy.com.au:
Apple Magic Mouse: “Apple’s Magic Mouse has the advantages of multi-touch and more than just a dab of Apple’s distinctive design style, but it’s also beset with a few odd problems that belie its status as a premium-priced mouse.”
And a rather more pressing example of a product that’s impossible to like at CNET.com.au:
Imagine Journalist: “Imagine Journalist displays a lack of flair, fun and ultimately imagination. We can’t imagine why anybody should buy it.”
I think I might just be the only person on the planet (or at least on the intertubes) to have reviewed Imagine Journalist. Lucky me.

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