It’s Friday… isn’t it?

A very busy week wraps up. In a shock move, I’ve been… busy!

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Cavalcade Of Stuff 2: Electric Boogaloo

The second half of this week was going to be quieter, right? Oh, right. WRONG.

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Cavalcade of… stuff

I write a lot most of the time. Then there are the weeks where I write so much, if I didn’t know I was me, I’d accuse myself of being a small army of Bolivian Word Midgets. This is clearly one of them.

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MotoGoogle & 3D Camcorders

The Motorola/Google deal makes my head hurt. 3D also makes my head hurt. Somehow, I’m covering both today.

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Everywhere I look, I see another laptop…

So I guess I’d better get busy reviewing them…

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My Thoughts On iMac Self-Repair

There are millions of guides on the Internet to changing the hard drive on an iMac. Most of them are wrong.

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Office Mobility, LG Smartphones & Tearing Apple Apart

I spent a large part of yesterday trying to get an iMac fixed (more on this later) before quite literally tearing it to bits and missed a few stories that went up as a result.

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Apple Taxes, Femtocell Traps and Boomblasters

I ponder the price of tech, check the fine print for femtos and finally (and some might say inevitably) go deaf shaking the room…

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Samsung Vs Apple Vs Android Vs Lion Vs Panasonic Vs TomTom

A little bit of everything today, from podcast thoughts on Lion to video of new GPS units, reviews of yet more camcorders and another dip into the murky world of all matters legal betwixt Apple and Samsung…

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