Office Mobility, LG Smartphones & Tearing Apple Apart

I spent a large part of yesterday trying to get an iMac fixed (more on this later) before quite literally tearing it to bits and missed a few stories that went up as a result.

More on the vivisected iMac later, if time permits. Meanwhile, yesterday’s Hydrapinion covered off my recent office move, and the use of mobile technology in making it all happen:
The Day My Office Went Mobile: “In other words, for nearly every four square kilometres of Australia, we’ve only got one covered by mobile signal.”
Over at the beta PC User site, my review of the LG Optimus 2X (which is already out in print) hit the net:
LG’s new 4in Android smartphone: “The trade-off for the 4in screen is that this is a large phone to both hold and stow in a pocket.”

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