Samsung Vs Apple Vs Android Vs Lion Vs Panasonic Vs TomTom

A little bit of everything today, from podcast thoughts on Lion to video of new GPS units, reviews of yet more camcorders and another dip into the murky world of all matters legal betwixt Apple and Samsung…
Today started off quietly enough, or so I thought, with this week’s Hydrapinion looking at the Samsung and Apple case from the perspective of which is the “best” Tablet for consumers anyway:
Samsung Vs Apple: Will The Best Gadget Win? “Frankly, all this lawyering makes my head hurt.”
Then, the new PC User Web site went live. Sorta. It’s a soft launch, but content is popping up there, including reviews of five Android smartphones written up by yours truly that originally appeared in the print magazine.
Five new Android phones compared: “New smartphones are flowing thick and fast into the Australian market, particularly those running Google’s Android operating system. The good news is the general standard of Android phones has improved, although not all follow this trend.”
Then things started to pick up speed. I returned to the world of talking about things (I rather enjoy doing Podcasts, for what that’s worth, if anyone’s after a guest commentator) by guesting on the Digital Breeze podcast, talking about whether or not it’s worth installing Mac OS X 10.7:
Digital Breeze: Should you upgrade to Lion, or wait? “I asked Alex to tell us what he thinks is great about Lion, and what he thinks is not. Also should we wait before upgrading to Lion? or wait for any bugs to be ironed out?”
Not to be outdone, CNET Australia published another camcorder review of mine:
Panasonic SDR-H101: “Panasonic’s dual-hard-drive/SD card camcorder delivers average quality. It’s not a terrible camcorder, but it’s not one that stands out, and the lack of HD recording is a notable omission.”
I then had to head out of the office. Partly because I was very late having lunch, but also so I could head off to TomTom’s local launch of its HD Traffic service, which I’ve duly turned into yet another 30 Seconds Of Tech:
I think that might be a record — I can’t recall a day in which I’ve been published across quite so many sites (and certainly not across quite so many different forms of media) before.

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