Apple Taxes, Femtocell Traps and Boomblasters

I ponder the price of tech, check the fine print for femtos and finally (and some might say inevitably) go deaf shaking the room…

At the ABC’s Technology+Games Portal, I’ve pondered on the tricky — but not exactly new — phenomenon of IT products costing a fair bit more on our shores than they do overseas, as well as pointing out a few simple ways for consumers to dodge those price rises:
The Apple Tax and why Australians pay more for tech: “It’s something that’s often called the “Apple Tax”, after the fruit-themed company’s long tradition of charging slightly more than you might expect to Australian customers than in other markets.”
Meanwhile, this week’s Geekspeak column casts an eye over Optus’ Femtocell offering:
Femtocell To The Rescue?“If you’re in an area with poor Optus reception, or the physical characteristics of your home make mobile reception a problem, the 3G Home Zone product will boost that by using your existing broadband service to bridge the gap.”
And then finally, at CNET Australia, they handed me an 80s-themed Boombox to test. A Big Boombox.
JVC BoomBlaster RV-NB70B: “The BoomBlaster RV-NB70B is big, bold and brash, but we wish that it was ever so slightly better built.”
It would be slightly irresponsible — nay, wrong — to mention the Boomblaster and not embed the following clip. Enjoy.

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