Cavalcade of… stuff

I write a lot most of the time. Then there are the weeks where I write so much, if I didn’t know I was me, I’d accuse myself of being a small army of Bolivian Word Midgets. This is clearly one of them.
Where to start?
At CNET Australia, I reviewed a laptop:
Apple MacBook Air 13 (2011): “Apple’s upgraded MacBook Air is a seriously fast performer — even if you only use it as a Windows machine. The switch to Sandy Bridge puts Apple’s travel laptop on the top of the portable pile.”
and then a Tablet PC:
Fujitsu Stylistic Q550: “Businesses with very specific Windows 7 tablet needs may find some value in the Q550, but it’s a very slow performer at a serious asking price that is otherwise easily passed over.”
And then a home theatre nettop:
Acer Revo 100:“The Revo 100 looks good and manages the home theatre PC concept about as well as anything we’ve seen. A pity, then, that it’s so expensive for the power on offer.”
And then another laptop:
Acer Aspire 5560G: “Acer’s Llano-powered laptop delivers in the basic productivity and graphics departments, but falls woefully short on battery life.”
But that’s just the tip of the word midget iceberg. Do word midgets form icebergs? I wouldn’t know, because I’m not a word midget! (Hah! You won’t fool me that easily!)
Over at Geekspeak, my weekly column looks at SSDs:
Geekspeak: Understanding SSDs: “No moving parts also means no whirring noises and a reduced heat footprint, which leads to fewer spinning fans and even less working noise in operation.”
And at PC & Tech Authority, I wrote a reaction piece to the rather remarkable fire sale of HP’s failed TouchPad Tablets:
HP’s Touchpad fire sale: Is this a weak chink in Apple’s armour? “Drop the price of tablets and people will not only turn up, the stores will flood with people eager to buy.”
And at PC User, my review of the Jawbone ERA went up:
Jawbone ERA: “Jawbone needs to do more with the motion-control aspect; right now it feels gimmicky rather than natural, but otherwise this is a fine headset.”
The truly weird thing is that this much content might fill my regular week. But I’m having a rather irregular week, doing another guest editor stint at Gizmodo Australia. And that means (you guessed it), even more articles hitting the web. Given the hot topics of the week, so far it’s been rather TouchPad-heavy…
Find WALL-E And Test Your Geek Cred At The Same Time
What’s Samsung Teasing For September 1st?
Where Will All The TouchPads Go?
Will HP’s TouchPad Be $98 From 2pm Today? (Yes!)
$98 HP TouchPad: It’s Chaos At Harvey Norman Right Now!
Where Will All The TouchPads Go? To eBay Of Course
Optus Unveils Blackberry Torch 9860 and Bold 9900 Pricing
Will Red Bull Give Vodafone Wings?
Lunchtime Deal: LogMeIn Ignition Going Cheap
Would You Bother Watching Top Gear On Facebook?
WarGames Getting The Remake Treatment
Seagate’s USB 3.0 Wi-Fi Drive Loves Both Android And iPad
What Did HP’s TouchPad Fire Sale Do To The Australian Tablet Market?
Nintendo: Prepaid Cards Soon, Ambassador Verification Now
Want Your Kids To Grow Up To Be Geeks? This Play Dough Might Help
It’s only Tuesday. There’s still three working days to go….

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