Cavalcade Of Stuff 2: Electric Boogaloo

The second half of this week was going to be quieter, right? Oh, right. WRONG.
I’ve been a busy, busy little journalist. Wait. Not little, per se, although I’m hardly bulky. Perhaps “chronically fatigued” is more accurate. Shall we begin?
There’s a new 30 Seconds Of Tech! (and I’ve footage for at least two more, if I get me some editing time!)
A new notebook review at CNET Australia!
Toshiba Qosmio F750: “The latest in Toshiba’s Qosmio line is an entertainment-heavy beast. And we do mean heavy.”
A commentary on Steve Jobs resigning as Apple CEO at ABC Technology+Games!
Is Apple without Steve Jobs a rudderless ship? “Apple CEO Steve Jobs stepped down from his position as Apple CEO this morning. Does that mean that Apple – a company that, albeit briefly, earlier this month became the most valuable in the world – is a doomed proposition?”
Lest I forget (how could I?) I’m also still guest editing Gizmodo, and writing things for the Australian version of the site. Lots of things. Lots and lots of things:
You Know That Recurring Dream You Have Where You Wake Up In Bed With The Muppets?
Is This A Real Video Of Android On TouchPad?
Sony’s Vaio Z Torn Apart By A Wild Pack Of Sony Engineers
Updated: TouchPad Speed Woes? Faster Speed Is Just A Phone Call Away
Carmack On AMD Vs Intel, iOS Vs Android
Lunchtime Deal: Up to 40% Off Dell Small Biz Laptops
‘Weird’ Al Yankovic Embraces The Digital Age With iPadccordion
iPad Users Have Nearly Twice The Memory Of Their Android Counterparts
Acer: ‘HP’s Failed (TouchPad) Launch Has Had No Effect To Us’
Foxtel Putting Up The US Open In 3D
Is Samsung’s Unpacked Project Just A Bunch Of Galaxy Phones?
Steve Jobs Resigns As Apple CEO [Updated]
Logitech Has A Fling At The iPad Joystick Market
Do You Know This Creepy Sydney Mobile Phone Stalker?
Lunchtime Deal: iPod 8GB With Free Logitech Speakers
Ubuntu Linux On HP’s TouchPad: That Didn’t Take Long
Hugh Jackman’s Next Movie Is Like Rocky… But With Robots
Optus Promises Not To Breach Do Not Call List Any More
Would You Feel Safe In A Taxi With This Much Tech?
Had enough yet? Because there’s also my appearance at SBS which (at this time) hasn’t yet gone to air on the 6:30 news — but is online in full.
Did I mention that somehow, in the middle of all this chaos, I spent four and half hours at a press event last night drinking beer and winning a vacuum cleaner? Perhaps if I go and climb inside it now, the world will stop spinning…

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