Movember: Day 30: Sponsmo’ship

With bonus sumblimo’nal message…

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Movember Day 29: GumMo’ Bears

Bouncing here and there and everywhere. Sponsor me… or the bears bite it…

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Movember: Day 28: Mo’ssion Accomplished

One hurdle down. How many hurdles can I now jump in two days? Hmmm..

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Movember Day 27: Let me entmo’tain you…

AKA “The gallery of rejected Mo’ shots”

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Now let’s get right on down to the skit…

A little De La Soul to finish out a busy week. Albeit De La Soul laced with a little Philly soul courtesy of Messrs Oates and Hall…

While I’ve been busy banging the Movember drum so hard it’s nearly shattered, I’ve also been scribing the odd word here and there.

First of all, a new blog up at MacTheBlog:

MacTheBlog: i7 iMac: an odyssey of space: “Alex Kidman goes to Jupiter, and beyond…”

And then a couple of reviews at

Philips DAB AE5230 Radio: “Philips’ inexpensive entry into the digital radio world offers few surprises, either nice or nasty.”

Cars Race-O-Rama: “Cars Race-O-Rama is a terribly generic racer aimed at the younger crowd. It’s neither great nor awful, just absolutely middle-of-the-road gaming.”

How to get TiVo Transfer working under Snow Leopard…

I’ve just spent an annoying 30 minutes with Toast 10 Titanium and my TiVo. Here’s where I went wrong and how I fixed it, just so you don’t have to. I hope.

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Movember: Day 26: One ugly Mo’ther…

I’m so pretty. No. Wait. The other thing.

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Movember: Day 25: Amo’zing

Wow. Just.. wow. Also, I cut some precious hair today…

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Movember: Day 24: Hypmo’tism

Look into the eyes.. you are growing sleepy… and I am growing a Mo’…

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Movember: Day 23: It’s a kind of Mo’gic

Just because I’m listening to Queen right now…

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