Movember: Day 26: One ugly Mo'ther…

I’m so pretty. No. Wait. The other thing.

Note: Teeth are greener than they appear in real life.
Note: Teeth are greener than they appear in real life.

That’s just creepy. Especially as, despite the neon glow, you can still make out the Mo’.
Did I mention that you can still donate to the Mo? No? Well, here’s a link! Imagine that…
I’d somewhat forgotten one of the drawbacks of this level of facial hair in  hot weather, namely that you tend to sweat a bit more, and it stays trapped due to the insulating nature of hair. I think at this stage I know how long a shelf life this particular Mo’ has, right down to the last second…
Today the generosity flowed a little more, with the wonderful Christian (to borrow an old joke: both by name and inclination) tipping funds into the donation jar. He’s clearly an awesome fellow, and has been for many years now. His donation brings the total up to….
(prepare the exclamation marks)

(are you ready?)
(really ready?)
(parentheses are fun)


Cool. Very cool. Much cooler than my upper lip right now, in fact. And with four days to go, there’s still time to not only break last year’s $1,135 record, but hopefully beat it into submission with a much higher total. I’m doing the Mo’ growing and heat exhaustion — all you have to do is donate.

1 thought on “Movember: Day 26: One ugly Mo'ther…”

  1. No proble’mo. I was nearly going to give the mo a go this year myself but didn’t get organised early enough. Next year I’ll have to see if I can give you a run for your mo’ney!

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