How to get TiVo Transfer working under Snow Leopard…

I’ve just spent an annoying 30 minutes with Toast 10 Titanium and my TiVo. Here’s where I went wrong and how I fixed it, just so you don’t have to. I hope.

A quick note on Toast Titanium 10, Snow Leopard and TiVo Transfer…
I’ve just spent thirty minutes trying to work out why TiVo transfer (part of Roxio’s Toast suite; in my case Toast Titanium 10) wasn’t working on my shiny new iMac.
(Mac haters: You may insert a snarky “But surely ‘it just works’ comment here. Sigh. TiVo Desktop for PC ain’t a whole lot better, trust me.)
The option was there — just as it had been on the Macbook I’d Time Machined over to the iMac. But it would bounce twice, then just vanish from the dock.
Googling around revealed a ton of “It doesn’t work under Snow Leopard right now, but Roxio has a Beta for Snow Leopard users”…. which linked to a Roxio download that was no longer there because Roxio swore blind that the new updates for Toast worked.
I tried uninstalling. That didn’t work — now instead of the double bounce then vanish routine, I got an option for TiVo Transfer, but an error message that stated that TiVo Transfer could not be found.
Back to Google. Oh, apparently you can opt to install it via Toast’s Setup Assistant, which is either launched when you first install, or can be invoked via Help>Toast Setup Assistant.
Except that.. there’s no option there to install it. Well, not for me, anyway — I just get the option for Toast It And Mount It as an optional install.
A little more searching (nb: Roxio: Your support forum search SUCKS) via Google of the Roxio archives eventually unearthed the solution. Sort of. In the interests of other people not having to dredge the way I’ve had to, this is what got it working for me.

  1. Install Toast
  2. Update Toast, but leave the update disk image mounted
  3. Select the disk image in Finder
  4. Go into the Toast 10 Titanium Folder
  5. Right Click on the Toast Titanium icon and choose “Show Package Contents”
  6. This should open a new Finder window.
  7. Go into the Contents folder.
  8. Then into the Resources folder
  9. Amongst everything else, there should be a file called “TivoTranser.tar.gz”.
  10. Copy that folder into your Toast Titanium folder within Applications on your Mac
  11. Double click on it to unzip it. This should give you the TiVo Transfer application back again.
  12. Relaunch Toast.
  13. Cross fingers.

It seems to be working for me (with the usual caveat that copying from a TiVo is stupidly slow for whatever reason) so far..

16 thoughts on “How to get TiVo Transfer working under Snow Leopard…”

  1. Thank you!!!!
    A light at the end of the tunnel for a very frustrating issue that I have now been looking into for 4 days!!

  2. I just tried this and it is looking very promising. However I tried playing an item during transfer and had no sound and lost of green artifacts. Hopefully this is just during the transfer.

  3. Thank you so much! TiVo couldn’t solve it, and Roxio never responded. (They should be ashamed of themselves.) But you are a lifesaver. Thanks again.

  4. Well I use Toast 9 as I refuse to upgrade again and Tivotransfer still only works occasionally. Not only is it terribly slow but it rarely transfers a file in its entirety especially files larger than a Gb or so.

  5. Wow! Thank you so much!!!
    I don’t know how you people do this stuff, but nicely done!
    I can’t believe Roxio is so lame…
    Thanks again!!!!!!!!

  6. Alex, I was so hopeful when I found your site. But it seems I have an altogether different problem. TiVo Transfer installs just fine, it just won’t launch. It just bounces, comes up in the tool bar for a moment and then is gone…any thoughts?

  7. Hi Alex, I followed your instructions & yes! Found the Tivo Transfer app, I see my tivo and programs, but the transfers hang. Nothing transfers. Status shows waiting. Do you know why this happens?

  8. Not entirely sure. An old but worthwhile test — try restarting the TiVo and see if it still refuses to talk. Can’t really hurt, and I’ve seen it suggested for all manner of transfer problems.

  9. Wow- after going round and round and round more times than I can count between Roxio and Tivo support sites to resolve this issue, I stumbled on your post- to my utter delight, I am back in the Tivo transfer business thanks to you- thanks for figuring it out and sharing with the world.

  10. Thank you SO MUCH for posting this. Solved my problems! (Tivo transfer disappeared after downloading the 10.0.8 update). Thanks again!

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