Movember: Day 25: Amo'zing

Wow. Just.. wow. Also, I cut some precious hair today…
AmozingBut not to fear! The Mo’ is still here… for another five days at least. The hair in question was on the top of my scalp, not the top of my lip…
Anyway, after a couple of days where I was starting to worry that I’d comprehensively stalled the donation-o-matic machine, I woke up this morning to a rather nice donation. And then, throughout the day, donations came in from numerous people, all of whom are naturally excellent examples of humanity who clearly deserve pay rises, extended holidays and a nice cooling beverage. I’m speaking of course of the wonderful.. (deep breath) John and Mark, Dan (who really is Magical), Jez, Elissa and last (but by no means least) Pru. Their generous donations brought the donation pot up to…


Wow. Just… wow. I’ve got to admit that I was genuinely worried about doing Movember twice.
Last year was good, but like most charity events with a marked gimmick, it’s much tougher to get people interested the second time around. I was worried that I’d sign up for Movember and only get a shadow of last year’s donations, while having to work that much harder to get any donations at all. I’ve definitely been banging the drum and shaking the tin a LOT harder this year… and it’s paying off. As you’re by no doubt sick of hearing by now, last year I managed a grand total of $1,135. I’m only $61 short of that right now, and I’m now hopeful of not only breaking that record, but smashing it comprehensively.
How can you help?
By donating to the Movember fund, of course!

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