Movember: Day 24: Hypmo'tism

Look into the eyes.. you are growing sleepy… and I am growing a Mo’…

You feel yourself compelled to donate...
You feel yourself compelled to donate…

Stare deeply into the eyes. Or the reflection in the eyes, which includes the eyes in a neat recursive pattern. Neat, huh?
Well, OK, it’s not that neat. But I’m running out of time — the end of Movember approaches with startling speed — and I figured hypnotism had to be worth a try. As of today, the running total is…


Which is excellent, but still $401 short of the target I want to reach if I’m to beat last year’s total.
All you need to do is head over to my Movember donation page and give, give, give.
Otherwise I might have to hypnotise you further, and make you think you’re a chicken. Not saying that I will… but I might…






One response to “Movember: Day 24: Hypmo'tism”

  1. Elissa Avatar

    Pleased to be the one who tips your donation clicker over the $1K mark. Well done and keep up the good … hair

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