Movember: Day 23: It's a kind of Mo'gic

Just because I’m listening to Queen right now…

Alex's Mo in Frank Miller Style
Alex's Mo in Frank Miller Style

Wow. Less than a week to go. I’d better start really working hard to gather donations.
Of course, some people make that easy by just up and donating, like my good friend Peter, who gets today’s gong as an all new person of excellence. I’m sure you’d like to be excellent too (whether or not you want to be a Bill & Ted reference or not). All you need to do is go and donate!
Pete’s donation brings the bulging donation pot all the way up to….


Awesome. The $700 barrier broken. One grand can’t be far away, but we can’t stop there. I’ve said all month that my aim was to break last year’s total of “over” a grand, but I’d failed to specify how far over a grand I needed to go.
I’m sorry. I should have stated that much earlier. Last year, with a much smaller Mo (and a fair amount less public humiliation, given I wasn’t actively twittering it all the time), I raised $1,135.
That means I’m still $401 short. And the month ends in seven days.

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