Movember: Day 30: Sponsmo'ship

With bonus sumblimo’nal message…

I said if she printed it, I'd wear it.
I said if she printed it, I'd wear it.

Well, this is it folks. Day 30. A long, hard slog through upper lip growth and donation drives is almost over.
I’ve not tried updating during the day before — mostly because I’ve been rather busy — but I figure if I’m going to drum up any last minute donations — you did have a last minute donation in mind, right? — then during the day was the time to do it.
As it stands, as I write this, the donation total sits at…
Which is wonderful. Awesome. But at the same time, it’s only a fiver over what was done last year with much less Mo’, much less public humiliation and absolutely no sponsored T-shirt wearing. So, scrape around in your wallets and purses and let’s see if we can get this thing any higher before midnight.
The clock is ticking.
Click here to donate NOW!

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