Movember: Day 28: Mo'ssion Accomplished

One hurdle down. How many hurdles can I now jump in two days? Hmmm..

A big thanks to all my sponsors. Why not become one yourself?
A big thanks to all my sponsors. Why not become one yourself?

I know I’ve used this line already this month, but…
I did it. I actually did it. As of right now, the balance of my donation drive for Movember stands at…
(prepare the drum roll)
(prepare the dancing elephants)
(whaddya mean we don’t have any dancing elephants?)
(well, what do we have?)
(truly? That’s all we’ve got?)
(OK. Prepare the dancing Battletoads….)


I’m officially over the limit of last year’s donation drive. And that’s awesome. Today’s person of extreme awesomeosity (shut up, this is my blog, and it CAN be a word if I say so) is the lovely Susan. But that’s not to discount everyone else who’s donated and without whose donations I never would have got this far.
Or, to put it another way, you never would have got this far. All I’ve done is grown ridiculous facial hair and pointed it out endlessly for the last 28 days. Still, huge thanks are due to Adam, Tony, Angus, Chris & Kylie, David, Simon, Debbie, Anna, Zara, Jocelyn, Nicole, Nadia, Corrie, Polly, Peter, John & Mark, Dan, Jez, Elissa, Pru, Christian AND Susan. Many, many thanks are due.
Two interesting observations from that list. Firstly, there’s no repeated names at all. Secondly, out of twenty four wonderful people, it’s exactly split 50/50 across gender lines. Oh, and there’s a not-terribly hidden couple in my donation list. Can you spot them?
Still, I’m not quite done yet. Movember runs throughout November, and unless the calendar on my computer’s badly wrong, there’s two days left to go. Two days to not only be thankful for those who have already donated, but to try to get that total even higher. I’m not sure at this stage if I’ll do Movember next year — the odds seem low — and it’d be great to go out on a bang.
A really big bang. Otherwise known as a really big donation total. I know there’s more than a few people who verbally said they’d donate to the cause and have yet to do so, and I’m pretty sure some of them have been waiting to see if I’d break the $1,135 barrier. The barrier’s broken, folks — but you’re still good to donate. Extra good, in fact.
So get donating! You’ll make me even happier than I am right now.

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