Month: February 2009

The joint was jumpin' and the place began to swing…

Another frantically busy day wraps up, although nothing that quite matches yesterday’s 400-words-per-hour effort. Sure, that doesn’t sound that impressive in and of itself — but consider that in the context of being the average number of words I wrote yesterday over a fifteen hour span. I hate work days like that. Strangely, you won’t […]

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I've lived long enough to learn the closer you get to the fire the more you get burned…

Three bites of the virtual Alex Apple today — and only one of them is related to a certain well known fruit-themed company. Wonders may never cease. First up, at PC Authority: Mac Authority: Time To Go On Safari? “Apple’s announcement of Safari 4.0 Beta has Alex Kidman pondering. Is it time to switch browsers […]

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