I'm alive, I'm alive, can you hear me world — I'm ALIVE!

Well, sorta. I should be able to eke out a few working hours out of today before lying down again. The antibiotics are taking, however, which is a big plus, and I don’t entirely feel like falling over. Much.
Speaking of much, I’ve got an absolutely enormous backlog of work to be getting on with, and editors breathing fire down my neck to get it done. I’ve told them they shouldn’t drink metho and smoke, but do they listen? They do not.
In the meantime, you can amuse/educate yourself with my latest review (I do still write them, y’know) at CNET.com.au:
Edimax nMax AR-7265Wn Wireless 802.11n ADSL2/2+ modem router: Edimax’s 802.11n router combines a perfect storm of poor throughput and unfriendly set-up routines to make a modem/router that’s incredibly easy to pass by.”

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