Sick as a dog…

That’s what I’ve been for the past four days. Actually, why is it sick as a dog? I mean, what kind of dog, and what illness? Based on my own recent experiences, it may as well be sick as a cat, although my own illness didn’t come about due to ingesting elastic. Let’s just say, in the best after-school-special fashion, kids, that if a strange man in a car offers you an excruciatingly painful bladder infection, just say no.
You probably didn’t need to know that, did you? Well, to get your mind off that very unpleasant mental image (and let’s face it, it was near-infinitely less pleasant for me than it was you), there’s this story that went live late last week — right about the time my health was tumbling — at PC Authority:
Top 5 ways Xbox and Halo Wars can win over PC gamers: “Microsoft’s bold claim with Halo Wars is that it’ll finally cure the curse of the console RTS – namely that it won’t have controls that suck compared to a PC’s keyboard and mouse combo.”

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