I've lived long enough to learn the closer you get to the fire the more you get burned…

Three bites of the virtual Alex Apple today — and only one of them is related to a certain well known fruit-themed company. Wonders may never cease.
First up, at PC Authority:
Mac Authority: Time To Go On Safari? “Apple’s announcement of Safari 4.0 Beta has Alex Kidman pondering. Is it time to switch browsers again?”
And then at CNET.com.au:
Altec Lansing FX2020 Expressionist Classic Speakers: “These speakers are all about style over substance. If that’s what you’re after, fine, but don’t expect great audio fidelity along the way.”
And then, for the really hardcore Alex fans, there’s video of me being extremely cross (it’s the one labelled “keynote debate”) at the end of a debate held at the Kickstart ’09 conference over the weekend. I’m on last thing, at around the 58 minute mark (and you’ll have to wait a while for the stream to pick all of it up if you do want to jump forward, although it’s interesting stuff in its own right). On the plus side, I’m wearing a shirt that can only be described as Incredible.

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