Am I at a tech conference, or a swimsuit model conference?

And  yes, that is a valid question to ask right now. Although it’s not, to the best of my knowledge, a lyric, which is my usual modus operandi when it comes to picking subject lines. If it makes you any happier, you can pretend that the subject is “Don’t you miss the feeling music gave you back in the day?”
Anyway, I’m up at the MediaConnect Kickstart09 conference in Queensland, catching up with industry people (and those beloved people, comissioning editors), and doing the odd bit of writing, like this piece now live at
Kogan promises a Linux Netbook by the end of March: “The outspoken Aussie tech maverick speaks out on Netbooks, general marketing and eBay.”
The swimsuit models? They’re having their own conference, and, as I discovered, will look at you oddly if you mistakenly wander into the wrong media room. I maintain it’s an easy mistake to make — there’s less tech, it’s true, but about the same amount of silicon at each conference.

3 thoughts on “Am I at a tech conference, or a swimsuit model conference?”

  1. Yep, absolutely. From my perspective it’s a good mix of new information, roundtable discussion, one on one interviews and that odd thing they call “Networking”. And after some experimentation, I’d say the Mediaconnect crew has nailed the format down perfectly.

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