How could you just leave me standing alone in a world that's so cold?

Astonishingly, while it’s a Prince lyric, I’m not listening to a Prince version of the song right now. So now you’ve learned something. A No-Prize to the first person to name the artist I am listening to…
Learn something else with this quick news piece at PC Authority:
Nintendo DSi to launch in Australia on April 2nd: “It’s not often that we get consumer technology before the US, but in the case of Nintendo’s upcoming update to the phenomenally successful Nintendo DS handheld games system, it’s happening.”






4 responses to “How could you just leave me standing alone in a world that's so cold?”

  1. Chunks Avatar

    The version from Romeo & Juliet?

  2. Alex Avatar

    Fail: Reason: Doesn’t list song artist.

  3. Chunks Avatar

    Quindon Tarver
    Google is my friend

  4. DSi Console Avatar

    I was pleased that the UK was finally getting a console two days before America, but the Aussies are getting it even before us by one day.

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