Hurrah! Awards time!

Next Friday the winners of the 2013 Microsoft IT Journalism Awards will be announced, and I’m rather happy to be a finalist in two categories, and listed in a third. Continue reading “Hurrah! Awards time!”

Target's selling off older 3DS games quite cheap (but you have to know where to look)


Another day, another games bargain. At some point, the sane part of my brain* is going to intervene and complain that I already own enough games. But for now, there’s this somewhat-hidden special at Target stores right now.

Continue reading “Target's selling off older 3DS games quite cheap (but you have to know where to look)”

True Blood Season 6 gets a teaser trailer, but when will Aussies see it?

I’m a bit of a sucker for HBO’s vampire series (see what I did there?), so the teaser trailer for season 6 really gets my blood flowing. But when will it (legitimately) hit Australian shores? Continue reading “True Blood Season 6 gets a teaser trailer, but when will Aussies see it?”

Sherpa offers a Spanish twist on Siri for Aussies

I’ve never particularly got on with spoken phone search apps, but I can see the utility for those with particular disabilities, or those driving. The latest Android app to hit the Australian marketplace comes via a bit of serious Spanish translation. Continue reading “Sherpa offers a Spanish twist on Siri for Aussies”

Doctor Who And The Curse Of Illiteracy

I’m not going to do a Who story every day. Honest. But this story is just too cool to ignore. What happens when you find a stack of 11,000 Target Doctor Who novels for sale online? If you’re a group of wonderfully-mad online Who fans, you buy them all to give away to schools. Continue reading “Doctor Who And The Curse Of Illiteracy”

Galaxy S4 vs S3 vs iPhone 5 vs… Psy?


Smartphones get dropped, smashed, bounced and intermittently run over by taxi cabs. That’s a (sad) fact of life, but quite how durable a phone is in the first place does make a difference. So, quite how tough is the Samsung Galaxy S4? Bonus Feature: Samsung Style. Yes, it’s exactly as painful as you might think it’s going to be. Continue reading “Galaxy S4 vs S3 vs iPhone 5 vs… Psy?”

Have your say (or spray) at Conroy and Turnbull

OurSay, ZDNet, Commander and Alcatel-Lucent are hosting a live communications debate next week, with the top three voted questions being asked of the Communications Minister Stephen Conroy and Shadow Communications Minister Malcolm Turnbull. An interesting experiment — but my inner cynic doubts it’ll change all that much. Continue reading “Have your say (or spray) at Conroy and Turnbull”

Doctor Who Regeneration coming soon


Before a few million Matt Smith fans either wail or say “Ah-Hah! Told you so!”, not so much a new Doctor being cast, but instead a box set celebrating one of Doctor Who’s most unique traits. Continue reading “Doctor Who Regeneration coming soon”

Smartphones of 2013: Sony Xperia Z

The past couple of months have seen a dizzying array of “hero” smartphones hit the Australian marketplace. They’re all around the same kinds of price points outright or on contract, so which one should you pick? First up, Sony’s pitch to the high end: The Sony Xperia Z. Continue reading “Smartphones of 2013: Sony Xperia Z”

FF7 For $7.99? I'll take three!

My own retro gaming sensibilities are well known, so the prospect of picking up FF7 for eight bucks — digitally delivered — is particularly enticing. Continue reading “FF7 For $7.99? I'll take three!”