Galaxy S4 vs S3 vs iPhone 5 vs… Psy?

Smartphones get dropped, smashed, bounced and intermittently run over by taxi cabs. That’s a (sad) fact of life, but quite how durable a phone is in the first place does make a difference. So, quite how tough is the Samsung Galaxy S4? Bonus Feature: Samsung Style. Yes, it’s exactly as painful as you might think it’s going to be.
US phone insurance firm SquareTrade put the S4 through its break tests, finding that it’s not quite as robust as an iPhone 5 — not a particular surprise, given the difference in general durability between plastic and metal bodies — but also that it was generally less robust than its immediate predecessor, the Galaxy S3.
I’m just guessing here, but Square Trade’s competition at the end of that video probably doesn’t apply to Australian viewers. Just like imperial measurements, then!
One way around the issue of surviving drops is to use a case. Local case firm Cygnett sent me through this video of their drop tests on their Workmate case yesterday

(for the purposes of fair comparison, Cygnett are far from the first to come up with indestructible cases; see also Otterbox, Griffin, etc…)
And while I’m on a video roll, how about a version of Psy’s horrible “Gagnam Style”, from the Indian Samsung Galaxy S4 launch?
Oddly enough, while I loathe both the original and this “cover”, I’ve at least got to give Samsung credit for one thing; unlike the S3 global launches, which were all carbon copies of the London event, Samsung’s at least tried something different for each of the regional launches, with Sydney getting a lit-up Opera House and Guy Sebastian… although I left the launch before he hit the stage. I’m sure he doesn’t care.

Sources: Cygnett, The Verge, AllThingsD

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