Have your say (or spray) at Conroy and Turnbull

OurSay, ZDNet, Commander and Alcatel-Lucent are hosting a live communications debate next week, with the top three voted questions being asked of the Communications Minister Stephen Conroy and Shadow Communications Minister Malcolm Turnbull. An interesting experiment — but my inner cynic doubts it’ll change all that much.
The OurSay platform allows for user votes to determine what the most popular question will be — as ZDNet’s Josh Taylor notes, that’s currently focused around the Coalition NBN policy — and it’s possible to head there right now and put your question in for consideration.
Still, my inner cynic doubts that much will change, or even come to light as a result. Not that it’s a bad idea per se, but Conroy and Turnbull are both career politicians, well versed in question dodging, blame shifting and general obfuscation as it best suits their purposes. I have this sinking feeling that it’ll all devolve into a “but the current government/current opposition will have you believe” rhetoric… or am I being too harsh?
Source: OurSay
Image: mikecogh

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