Doctor Who Regeneration coming soon

Before a few million Matt Smith fans either wail or say “Ah-Hah! Told you so!”, not so much a new Doctor being cast, but instead a box set celebrating one of Doctor Who’s most unique traits.
The Doctor Who News Page reports on the set, which will launch in the UK mid-year with a
newly animated version of The Tenth Planet and a coffee table book. Six DVDs cover The Tenth Planet, The War Games, Planet of the Spiders, Logopolis, The Caves of Androzani, Time and the Rani, Doctor Who: The Movie, Bad Wolf/The Parting of the Ways, and The End of Time.

I must resist buying this. After all, it’s got Time and the Rani in it. We should never forget — or forgive that, if only for the terrible Colin Baker wig*. The fact that I’ve already got most of the stories within is, of course, no barrier whatsoever.
Source: Doctor Who News Page
*Disclaimer: Sylvester McCoy’s performance as the Doctor is one of my favourite things… but not in Time and the Rani.

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