Target's selling off older 3DS games quite cheap (but you have to know where to look)

Another day, another games bargain. At some point, the sane part of my brain* is going to intervene and complain that I already own enough games. But for now, there’s this somewhat-hidden special at Target stores right now.

Another deal spotted via OzBargain, but one that I’ve been able to confirm myself. Quite a lot of Target’s 3DS stock is on sale right now, but the tricky part of it is that you wouldn’t know that to look at it. For example, Starfox 64 3D pictured above is stickered at $54.95, which is around regular Australian pricing. Scan it before sale, however, and it’s a much more palatable $25… which is what I paid for it. Looking at the OzBargain posting, it appears to be one of those “grab stock while the grabbing is good” type deals, so what you find in-store might vary. Me, I’m happy with Starfox and the even-cheaper WWE All-Stars, which was $18… but then I’m a real sucker for wrestling games.
Update: It’s been pointed out to me that had it 6 days before OzBargain, and often stuff turns up on OzBargain without attribution; hard to say in this case so I’ll attribute it to both.
Source: OzBargain and Vooks.
*Insert gag about sane part of my brain here.

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