Hurrah! Awards time!

Next Friday the winners of the 2013 Microsoft IT Journalism Awards will be announced, and I’m rather happy to be a finalist in two categories, and listed in a third.
No awards yet for Fat Duck Tech (but hey, it’s early days, and there isn’t a “best new publication” award any more anyway), but I’m a finalist for Best Consumer Technology Journalist and Best Reviewer, among some pretty darned stiff competition. Specifically:
Finalists for Best Consumer Technology Journalist:

David Braue
Nick Broughall
John Davidson
Nic Healey
Luke Hopewell
Alex Kidman
Angus Kidman
Dominik Krupinski
Andrew McMillen
Asher Moses
Nick Ross
Michelle Starr

Finalists for Best Reviewer:

John Davidson
John Gillooly
Chris Griffith
Elly Hart
Alex Kidman
Angus Kidman
Bennett Ring
Craig Simms
Campbell Simpson
Adam Turner
Darren Yates

I’m very happy to be a finalist for both categories, although I can’t deny I’d dearly love to win the best reviewer award. This is the 11th Lizzies, and I’ve got ten “finalist” awards… but never quite made it over the edge for reviewing (though I did win Best Columnist back in 2009).
I’m also listed, but not technically as a finalist (because finalists are, for some strange reason, only announced for personal winners, not publications) for 30 Seconds Of Tech. That’s an even tougher field
Nominations for Best Video Program:

30 Seconds Of Tech
5 Inch Floppy
CNET Australia
Cup Of Tech
Good Game
Good Game: Spawn Point
Jetpack Nation
Player Attack
SMH Digital Dreamers

Although there have been awards for small publishers in this field before, so I suppose anything’s possible. I’m willing to bet my entry — you could only enter a single video — was the shortest one the judges had to view. Perhaps that’ll be worth something…
Disclaimer: The above photo was taken last year, but that’s me pretending to be Elly Hart, on account of being editor of Gizmodo at the time and her not being in the right continent at the time. Yeah, my working life can be strange like that. Oddly, it’s the first image returned on a Google search for “Lizzies Award”. I choose to take this as a positive sign.

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