True Blood Season 6 gets a teaser trailer, but when will Aussies see it?

I’m a bit of a sucker for HBO’s vampire series (see what I did there?), so the teaser trailer for season 6 really gets my blood flowing. But when will it (legitimately) hit Australian shores?

OK, there’s not a whole lot you couldn’t have guessed there from watching Season Five, but the more interesting matter here is when it’ll hit Australian screens. Foxtel has the exclusive first-run rights to HBO series, and has been doing a good job (in my opinion) in bringing HBO’s Game Of Thrones over two hours after its US premiere. The same will be true for True Blood, with a Foxtel representative telling Fat Duck Tech

While we have not released the timeslot yet – I can confirm that showcase will screen True Blood season 6 express from the US within two hours of HBO broadcast – which makes it Monday June 17 in Australia.
There will also be a primetime encore same day at 8.30pm.

Where it’ll get equally interesting is in whether it’ll get the same treatment from outlets such as Quickflix and iTunes, where it’s available the next day (in the wee early hours). In the case of Game Of Thrones, that’s an option that not even the US gets.
Yes, OK, there’s an elephant in the room. A vampire elephant. A Velephant? No, forget that — it’d be terrifying. Seriously, forget it — and try to get it out of your dreams tonight.
But, to get back on track, people don’t like paying for TV, and it would be foolish not to think it’ll be pirated pretty widely too. As I’ve discussed elsewhere, a model where we just pirate everything is ultimately a collapsing model no matter which way you look at it.

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