Still Tripping

No, not in that way. But the experiences of my recent overseas trip continue to provide rich ground for commentary articles. First up at Geekspeak, pondering on the real value of tech “bargains”, by way of the duty free counter.

Beware Of Tech Bargains: “Not exactly carry-on material, your average 50″ Plasma TV, and my thoughts quickly turned to the fact that whatever VAT saving he was about to make once he got to the front of the queue was going to be totally obliterated by excess baggage fees, and then some.”

Then over at Hydrapinion, four hours on a train each way over two days gives way to musings on exactly how accessible mobile broadband really is.

Mobile Broadband Is Great. Except When You Want It To Be, Y’Know… Mobile: “A week ago exactly, I was on a train travelling from Bodmin Parkway…”

Even when I’m on leave, I write too much

At the conclusion of the HTC event I flew to London for, I took a few days “off” to visit relatives, wander around old haunts and generally kick back a little.

Except things are never quite that simple, and while I was doing that, plenty of my works were being published. Now that I look at the full list, a frightening amount. If this is the kind of output I’m capable of when I’m not actually working, how much am I expected to do now that I am back in the saddle?

Firstly, at CNET, there’s three reviews:

a-Jays One earphones: “Jays entry-level headphones have a flat cable and anything but flat sound.”

t-Jays One earphones: “The t-Jays One’s audio output is crisp, clear and above all loud. If you can deal with a few minor tangles, they’re well worth buying.”

Panasonic DMR-XW480: “Once again, Panasonic’s served up a feature-rich PVR/DVD-recorder and saddled it with an unfriendly remote control and befuddling menu structure. DLNA streaming and plenty of storage space make this a sensible buy, but only for those with plenty of patience.”

Then at Geekspeak, two columns:

Netbook or Tablet? “If you want a small portable computer with a bit more screen space than a smartphone, you’re rather spoilt for choice right now.”

Remote Control: “I’m writing this from a kitchen bench, far far away.”

Then at MacTheBlog, a column:

How to make AppleCare actually care: “This column could also have been called, in best Enid Blyton fashion, “What Alex did next”.

Then at Hydrapinion, two colums:

The Sweet Science Of Boxing: “A slight departure from the usual Carry fare, but then again anything that’s in a box has reason to be carried, and therefore it counts. Because I say so!”

Free Steak Knives? I’ll see you and raise you: “If you get a gadget — no matter what it is — and it explodes 13 months into a 24-month contract, you’re still paying the same contract for nearly a year.”

While I was in London, I was also doing another guest editor spot at Gizmodo. An interesting job made just that little bit more challenging by the nature of time zone differences. It’s unusual writing gadget news in the middle of the night while your brain insists it’s also the middle of the day.

Livescribe launches iPad/iPhone Pencast Player
This Measuring Cup May Be More Intelligent Than I Am
How To Give Your Canon DSLR Owning Friends A Heart Attack
Meet The TARDIS Made Of SNOT
Who Buys In-Flight Gadgets?
Is This An STB With DAB+ Built In, Or A DAB+ Radio With Added STB?
TiVo Adds NBC Universal, Icon and Umbrella
Your Telstra Desire Probably Isn’t Getting (But It Is Getting Froyo, Finally)
TiVo Expands 3D VOD Offering
Octiv Mini Gets Australian Release Date
How Feasible Are Tablet Keyboards For In-Flight Work?
Internode Drops 1TB Plan Price, Adds Data
Cheap Parking App Is Now Free Cheap Parking App
Garmin’s Latest Cycling GPS Just Wants To Be Touched
One Nokia To Rule Them All?

A Brief Visual Tour Around Bits Of Leytonstone (That Don’t Exist Any More)

Just a touch over twenty years ago, I lived in the London suburb of Leytonstone. Just a touch over two days ago, I took a long walk around many of my regular haunts to see what’s changed.

Continue reading “A Brief Visual Tour Around Bits Of Leytonstone (That Don’t Exist Any More)”

Gadget Overload, meet work overload

OK, so my usual pattern of updating this blog once per day has somewhat fallen apart. I’ve been even more busy than usual — something that can be attested to given I’m rapidly typing this out before boarding a plane to London — and not linking my articles quite as quickly as I might.

For example, there’s last week’s Geekspeak column:

Does Apple’s latest iPod update offer enough? “Apple’s not that interested in the low-end iPod market.”

Or last week’s Hydrapinion column:

The perils of gadget overload “I wonder if anyone does a T-Shirt with hundreds of gadget pockets?”

And then there’s a small flurry of content for Gizmodo, where I’m once again doing a guest editor spot:

Breakfast Wrap: Best Of The Weekend
Dodo Flies Past The 1TB Crowd
Microsoft Wants To Know If Students Have Been Screen-ed Lately
Want An iPad And A Degree?
My Little NodePony
Another HD Channel Bites The Dust
Update: The Power Brick That Does Indeed Fly

T-Shirts and Terabytes, Fifty Cent and Choice

Things were so much easier when I picked subject lines based on what I was listening to at the time. Still, the above subject line does make sense. Of a sort.

Firstly, the T-Shirts, over at PC Authority, where I’ve looked over Internode’s new “T-Shirt” 1TB broadband plans:

Internode enters the 1TB race with “T-Shirt” plans: “Internode’s new “T-Shirt” plans offer up to a tantalising 1TB of data. But will they cost you the shirt off your back? We investigate the real value.”

And then over at MacTheMag, my regularly weekly blog considers the exact details of Apple’s new product offerings, by working out how much choice is included. Fifty Cent makes a guest appearance, as apparently Apple’s new Ping social network figures I should follow him. Which I guess goes to prove that Ping may be many things, but a Genius it is not.

MacTheBlog: Please, Apple, can I have less? “The confetti has been swept up, Chris Martin has vanished off to … well … wherever it is Chris Martin vanishes off to when he’s not performing, and what we’re left with is, to my appraisal, not all that satisfactory. To put some specifics to this, it seems that Apple’s gone all out to remove elements of choice.”

Just keeps going and going and…

You get the idea.

A very busy week wound up with a review at and a whole bunch more of Gizmodo posts. Normal, slightly quieter service resumes next week, but it’s still not going to be “quiet” by any reasonable measure.

Dell Inspiron N301: “Dell’s inexpensive Core i3 Inspiron isn’t incredibly inspiring, but it’s not intolerably insipid either.”

And then over at Gizmodo, a whole bunch of not-always-all-that-brief posts:

New iPods? We’re Going To Need New Cases

Breakfast Wrap: Best Of Wednesday Night

Aussie Apple TV Owners Get Short Shrift

ABC’s Mobile Division Cracks New Records

Hitachi Gets A New Life(Studio) Down Under

Buy An Avatar Or Headset, Make A Wish Come True

3D Glasses – Perhaps I Need A Smaller Head

Microsoft’s Home Of The Future Is Suspiciously Clean And Shiny

Breakfast Wrap: Best Of Friday Night

Hands On With Telstra’s Ultimate USB

An Appropriate Solution To Australia’s Election Woes

Am I The Only One Creeped Out By What’s Happening To This Flash Drive?

What’s The Oldest Gadget You Still Regularly Use?

Let’s face it – I’m tired!

“Morning noon and night it’s drink and dancing, some quick romancing, and then a shower..”

If only the life of a tech journo was quite that simple. Also, I’d look dreadful in fishnets. You know it, I know it — let’s not go there.

Instead, we could go over to Hydrapinion, where this week’s column looks at a certain Telstra mystery:

Why doesn’t Telstra have a portable WiFi router?: “The thought struck me that for all Telstra’s posturing about taking a technology lead, it’s an area where the big telco is sadly lacking.”

Or over to MacTheReviews, where I’ve been delving into the dungeons of Torchlight:

Torchlight: “Guess what happens when you establish a mining colony on top of a huge pile of magical crystals? If you guessed “nothing, everybody just mines the crystals and grows rich on the profits with no side-effects at all”, then you’re clearly not built for games design.”

And that’s not counting this week’s guest editor spot at Gizmodo, which has seen me write the following diverse mix of articles:

Breakfast Wrap: Best Of Tuesday Night
The Apple Geniuses With Time On Their Hands
A Brief Crowdsourced History Of Time Travel
Microsoft Gets Moving On Aussie Kinect Launch Date
Foxtel Shows Off Pay TV, Xbox 360 Style
AFL, NRL Get The 3D Go-Ahead
I Can’t Have A Bat-Utility Belt
New iPods? We’re Going To Need New Cases
Breakfast Wrap: Best Of Wednesday Night
Aussie Apple TV Owners Get Short Shrift
ABC’s Mobile Division Cracks New Records
Hitachi Gets A New Life(Studio) Down Under
Buy An Avatar Or Headset, Make A Wish Come True
3D Glasses – Perhaps I Need A Smaller Head
Microsoft’s Home Of The Future Is Suspiciously Clean And Shiny

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m tired…

“I’m tired, tired of playing the game,
ain’t it a crying shame,
I’m so tired!”

What’s cuter than a hippo? A pygmy hippo. And what’s cuter than a pygmy hippo?

A baby pygmy hippo, that’s what.

And the ABC has footage!