Just keeps going and going and…

You get the idea.
A very busy week wound up with a review at CNET.com.au and a whole bunch more of Gizmodo posts. Normal, slightly quieter service resumes next week, but it’s still not going to be “quiet” by any reasonable measure.
Dell Inspiron N301: “Dell’s inexpensive Core i3 Inspiron isn’t incredibly inspiring, but it’s not intolerably insipid either.”
And then over at Gizmodo, a whole bunch of not-always-all-that-brief posts:
New iPods? We’re Going To Need New Cases
Breakfast Wrap: Best Of Wednesday Night
Aussie Apple TV Owners Get Short Shrift
ABC’s Mobile Division Cracks New Records
Hitachi Gets A New Life(Studio) Down Under
Buy An Avatar Or Headset, Make A Wish Come True
3D Glasses – Perhaps I Need A Smaller Head
Microsoft’s Home Of The Future Is Suspiciously Clean And Shiny
Breakfast Wrap: Best Of Friday Night
Hands On With Telstra’s Ultimate USB
An Appropriate Solution To Australia’s Election Woes
Am I The Only One Creeped Out By What’s Happening To This Flash Drive?
What’s The Oldest Gadget You Still Regularly Use?

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