Even when I'm on leave, I write too much

At the conclusion of the HTC event I flew to London for, I took a few days “off” to visit relatives, wander around old haunts and generally kick back a little.
Except things are never quite that simple, and while I was doing that, plenty of my works were being published. Now that I look at the full list, a frightening amount. If this is the kind of output I’m capable of when I’m not actually working, how much am I expected to do now that I am back in the saddle?
Firstly, at CNET, there’s three reviews:
a-Jays One earphones: “Jays entry-level headphones have a flat cable and anything but flat sound.”
t-Jays One earphones: “The t-Jays One’s audio output is crisp, clear and above all loud. If you can deal with a few minor tangles, they’re well worth buying.”
Panasonic DMR-XW480: “Once again, Panasonic’s served up a feature-rich PVR/DVD-recorder and saddled it with an unfriendly remote control and befuddling menu structure. DLNA streaming and plenty of storage space make this a sensible buy, but only for those with plenty of patience.”
Then at Geekspeak, two columns:
Netbook or Tablet? “If you want a small portable computer with a bit more screen space than a smartphone, you’re rather spoilt for choice right now.”
Remote Control: “I’m writing this from a kitchen bench, far far away.”
Then at MacTheBlog, a column:
How to make AppleCare actually care: “This column could also have been called, in best Enid Blyton fashion, “What Alex did next”.
Then at Hydrapinion, two colums:
The Sweet Science Of Boxing: “A slight departure from the usual Carry fare, but then again anything that’s in a box has reason to be carried, and therefore it counts. Because I say so!”
Free Steak Knives? I’ll see you and raise you: “If you get a gadget — no matter what it is — and it explodes 13 months into a 24-month contract, you’re still paying the same contract for nearly a year.”
While I was in London, I was also doing another guest editor spot at Gizmodo. An interesting job made just that little bit more challenging by the nature of time zone differences. It’s unusual writing gadget news in the middle of the night while your brain insists it’s also the middle of the day.
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