Still Tripping

No, not in that way. But the experiences of my recent overseas trip continue to provide rich ground for commentary articles. First up at Geekspeak, pondering on the real value of tech “bargains”, by way of the duty free counter.
Beware Of Tech Bargains: “Not exactly carry-on material, your average 50″ Plasma TV, and my thoughts quickly turned to the fact that whatever VAT saving he was about to make once he got to the front of the queue was going to be totally obliterated by excess baggage fees, and then some.”
Then over at Hydrapinion, four hours on a train each way over two days gives way to musings on exactly how accessible mobile broadband really is.
Mobile Broadband Is Great. Except When You Want It To Be, Y’Know… Mobile: “A week ago exactly, I was on a train travelling from Bodmin Parkway…”

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