Gadget Overload, meet work overload

OK, so my usual pattern of updating this blog once per day has somewhat fallen apart. I’ve been even more busy than usual — something that can be attested to given I’m rapidly typing this out before boarding a plane to London — and not linking my articles quite as quickly as I might.

For example, there’s last week’s Geekspeak column:

Does Apple’s latest iPod update offer enough? “Apple’s not that interested in the low-end iPod market.”

Or last week’s Hydrapinion column:

The perils of gadget overload “I wonder if anyone does a T-Shirt with hundreds of gadget pockets?”

And then there’s a small flurry of content for Gizmodo, where I’m once again doing a guest editor spot:

Breakfast Wrap: Best Of The Weekend
Dodo Flies Past The 1TB Crowd
Microsoft Wants To Know If Students Have Been Screen-ed Lately
Want An iPad And A Degree?
My Little NodePony
Another HD Channel Bites The Dust
Update: The Power Brick That Does Indeed Fly

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