Month: January 2010

Jabra, Nexus One and… like a Tiger(s)…

Now there’s a dated Rob Sitch reference. Another day brings with it fresh articles. First up, at MacTheBlog, I’ve looked at Google’s Nexus One phone. Not in the flesh, you understand — I’m in the wrong country for that, for a start — but in a Mac/iPhone context: MacTheBlog: A Nexus Point: “Naturally enough, if […]

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It's that fruit company again…

Another day, another batch of Apples. Yeah, I write about Apple a lot, although I strongly resist the whole “fanboy” tag. Firstly, at MacTheBlog, I exclusively reveal all of Apple’s plans for the upcoming year. Sort of. MacTheBlog: 2010: The Year Apple Makes Contact? “Working out exactly what Apple’s actually up to at any given […]

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Young ladies bouncing up and down on beds in their night attire

There. That’ll bring in the website traffic, surely? Or get me on the government’s filter watch list. Perhaps I should have thought about that subject line a little harder. It’s in context though, as 2010 kicks off with a review that counts as my last published work of 2009, at*: Charm Girls Club: Pajama […]

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