It's that fruit company again…

Another day, another batch of Apples. Yeah, I write about Apple a lot, although I strongly resist the whole “fanboy” tag.
Firstly, at MacTheBlog, I exclusively reveal all of Apple’s plans for the upcoming year. Sort of.
MacTheBlog: 2010: The Year Apple Makes Contact? “Working out exactly what Apple’s actually up to at any given moment is a tricky business…”
And then at, I hop back into University. It’s been a long, long time since I was at University, although strangely some people I knew who were studying while I was there are still studying there (albeit, in most cases, not the same degrees).
Universities Online: How to pick the uni that’s right for you via iTunes: “OK, you’ve got your ATAR/ENTER/TER. How do you pick the best uni? The one with the best bar? The cutest girls/guys? The one that just happens to be closest to home?”

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