Jabra, Nexus One and… like a Tiger(s)…

Now there’s a dated Rob Sitch reference.
Another day brings with it fresh articles. First up, at MacTheBlog, I’ve looked at Google’s Nexus One phone. Not in the flesh, you understand — I’m in the wrong country for that, for a start — but in a Mac/iPhone context:
MacTheBlog: A Nexus Point: “Naturally enough, if you’re really keen, you could try to buy one over eBay and hope against hope that you don’t end up being sent a brick wrapped in somebody else’s laughter…”
Meanwhile at CNET.com.au I’ve looked at a rather stylish Bluetooth Desk Set:
Jabra Go 6470: “It’s not cheap, but Jabra’s wireless Bluetooth desk set brings style and comfort to an otherwise business-centric product line.”
And a PC with a somewhat bizarre name, featuring weird plurals and allusions to stomach disorders:
Tigers Electronics Giada N10: “This is perhaps the most ocker computer ever built…”

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