iPads! Windows 7! Netbooks! Random Llamas! Oh My!

I’ve been busy.
Really, really busy. But you might not realise that, as I’ve got a lot of work (and I really do mean a lot) backed up with multiple publishers waiting to hit the presses, both virtual and physical. Today, some of it even started to leak out.
No, wait. That sounds bad. Leaks are rarely a good sign. Instead: Today’s feast of excellent verbiage comes to you courtesy of MacTheMag and NetbookMojo.
Firstly, NetbookMojo, a new client of mine, although the article in question was written some time back.
Installing Windows 7 on a Netbook: “Want to get Windows 7 on your netbook? Alex Kidman’s guide makes it a breeze.”
Apple also launched some kind of new product today. You may have heard something about it. I wrote something more about it, by way of Jeff Minter, Wizball and a deciduous tree that yields latex used as arrow-tip poison. No, really.
MacTheBlog: iPad: First Impressions: “I woke up this morning terribly excited. Sweaty with anticipation. Delirious with the possibilities.”

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