Prince Welcome 2 America

[Video] Prince: Welcome 2 America Unboxing

Hey, there’s a new Prince album. And it’s arrived, quite a bit earlier than I thought it might! Time to take Prince’s Welcome 2 America out of its shiny shiny wrappings.

I honestly didn’t expect to get this today; while I’d preordered it and it is out today (also on streaming services if you just want the music), I figured the ongoing pandemic and lockdown story surrounding Sydney would mean I’d have to wait a while. Which is fine, of course — a total first world problem — but also something that made me smile when it turned up just now.

For those not aware, I’m a big admirer of Prince’s musical work. Dude himself was… unusual, shall we say… but his output really did fit that often overused description of “Genius”.

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Which Prince album should I buy?

Which new Prince album should you listen to?
(I’m going to have to update this one once I’ve given Welcome 2 America a good listen, I suspect.)

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