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iOS 12 revitalises older iPhones, ACCC gets nasty on “unlimited”, Google Assistant hits Aussie TVs — Vertical Hold Episode 196

iOS 12 is here, and it’s not instantly death for your older iOS devices! The ACCC is warning telcos about the use of “unlimited” in plan advertising (finally) and Google Assistant lands on Aussie TVs — but do we really want talkative TVs anyway?

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WWDC Predictions, Password Leaks and the Death of Windows Mobile: Vertical Hold Episode 78

WWDC is coming, but what will Apple actually show off at its big developer conference? Probably not Windows Mobile, but is that an operating system with a future at all? Meanwhile, every week there’s a new password leak, but what can you do? All this and more in the latest episode!

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Apple Smart Battery Case, Google family music plan, Bitcoin and special guest @jendudley – Vertical Hold Episode 57

Apple has a battery case for the iPhone 6s — but what’s the story with that hunch and including a weak battery? Meanwhile, Google’s unveiled its family music sharing plan, but is it good value? All this and SPECIAL GUEST TIME in the latest episode of Vertical Hold!

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